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Project “new integrated system"

Project for a “new integrated system of bundling, palletizing and pallet wrapping, with energy/environmental efficiency at reduced energy consumption and raw materials for secondary and tertiary packaging”.

The need to cut the production costs and increase the respect for the environment is urging many plant manufacturers to innovate in this direction.
For these reasons, BEMA is designing and developing a new AUTOMATION INTEGRATED SYSTEM destined for production companies operating in the food & beverage sectors.

The system is fully integrated into the production company’s information system and will automatically carry out the bundling, palletizing and pallet wrapping operations.

The major advantages for the user are the following:

  • Significant economic saving on the manufacturing and logistic costs.
  • Drastic reduction in the space occupied by the machines.
  • Considerable economic saving on the energy costs resulting from the use of the facilities.
  • At least 30% reduction in the raw materials employed for secondary and tertiary packaging.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (POR FESR) 2014-2020. Subsidy granted: € 248.405,00.

Project “new integrated system