Bema has adopted the rules of the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and therefore has approved an organizational, management and control Model (Model 231) and appointed the Supervisory Board which has the task of supervising the implementation and observance of the Model.

A Code of Ethics has been issued, that is an integral and essential part of the Model, as a charter of rights and moral duties that defines the ethical and social responsibilities of all those involved in the Company’s activities.


With these tools, Bema aims at preventing irresponsible or illegal behavior on the part of those who work in the name and on behalf of the Company, since it introduces a clear and explicit definition of the ethical and social responsibilities towards the various internal and external stakeholders

The directors, the members of the supervisory bodies, the entire staff of the Company and the consultants are under an obligation to apply directly to the Supervisory Board to report any behavior inconsistent with what is indicated in the Model and in the Code of Ethics, by directly submitting their reports to:
Supervisory Board Bema S.r.l.:

The Supervisory Board evaluates the received reports with responsibility and discretion.
It also guarantees the confidentiality regarding the identity of the person who provides and transmits useful information to identify behaviors different from the provisions of the procedures required by the internal control system, the Model and the procedures established for its implementation.