BEMA specializes in the design and creation of wrapping robotized systems with stretch film for palletized products, pallet control automatic systems, robotized palletizers at low – medium speed, the pallettizing systems for finished products, picking and repacking solutions.

In particular, BEMA has revolutionized the concept of medium-high speed wrapping, introducing in this sector robotics combined with 1000-mm high film reel and rotating product. Thanks to the range of SILKWORM wrapping systems, our company has become a partner recognized at world level in creating systems that support the production of convenience goods and their logistics, also for several multinational groups.

BEMA constantly works out, in continuous synergy with its own customers, new solutions aiming at anticipating the customers’ manufacturing requirements as well as the marketing demands: this activity finds an ideal space in BEMA Lab permanent technological laboratory.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development have always been fundamental values for BEMA: the Research and Development activities aim not only at enhancing the performances of our plants, but also at increasing sustainability in terms of consumption of material and energy.


To be the leading supplier in packaging solutions for the logistics of our customers


To be a partner with our customers in the path from production to consumer with high quality and service over time.


  • Customer orientation
    We communicate openly to meet the needs of our customers and to improve their logistics processes.
  • Team work
    We cooperate synergistically, sharing opinions and experiences for succeeding together.
  • Improvement
    We try to do the right thing and we always aim for excellence.
  • Responsibility
    We work with determination to achieve the fixed goals.
  • Reliability
    We constantly work to provide the highest level of technology, safety and functionality in the service.
  • Ethics
    We operate professionally with due regard to the social, economic and institutional background of each country in which we work.
  • Focus on people
    Our strong sense of community and respect for the people who work with us are the basis of our success.