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Growing up, and remaining firmly faithful to our roots and values, with our feet on the ground and eyes on the world …to be Over 4.0.

These are the ingredients thanks to ELETTRIC80 & BEMA that have totally changed the way of designing factories, offering some of the most efficient and safest solutions available worldwide.
The two companies, established in Viano, in the foothills of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, today has more than 1,500 robotic systems and 3,000 Laser Guide Vehicles installed, and over 600 employees, 11 branches worldwide, serving many international clients and partners, and collaborations with finest universities and research organizations, with an annual turnover in excess of 200 million Euros.

Focused on manufacturing companies of high volume consumer products, mainly in the food, beverage and tissue sectors, ELETTRIC80 & BEMA have always aimed to increase the level of efficiency, safety and product customization to meet our customer’s individual needs.
From the design and engineering steps, to the implementation and testing of the installations, the two companies offer solutions which allows us to guarantee maximum flexibility and the complete integration of manufacturing processes, timescales optimization, waste reduction and quality improvement. Solutions range from handling of the incoming of raw materials, passing through palletizing and stretch-wrapping, to the complete inventory management and truck loading.

The two companies, with significant expertise and knowledge in automating plant processes, can prepare an accurate technical study and system simulation to implement high value added technical solutions.





ELETTRIC80 and BEMA have been delivering solutions to Tetra Pak since 2008 that direct the entire process of managing warehouses end-to-end, without interruption, in a fast and efficient way. This results in containment of margins of error, lowering costs and cutting production schedules. These are advantages that have a positive knock-on effect on the whole chain of value, right down to the end consumer who receives tangible benefits in terms of product customization potential, quality and savings as a result of this partnership.



Boasts a turnover of more than 2 billion Euros and a worldwide presence. In an assertive and dynamic manner, Sofidel has internationalized its business efficiently, analyzing its manufacturing plants individually; it has done so by relying on a technological and strategic approach for optimizing costs and the quality of solutions. Sofidel’s latest project is a Greenfield plant built in Ohio, for which the Italian investors were congratulated by US President, Barack Obama. It is an outstanding 4.0 factory which is entirely automated and integrated, from the raw materials to truck loading: an investment of over 30 million Euros, that the Group decided to entrust to ELETTRIC80 and BEMA. The previously constructed Greenfield plant completed in Sweden in 2015, gives an idea of the magnitude of the project currently being implemented.



A company with a growth rate of 15%-20% year on year. For six years now, it has been Italy’s leading bottled water producer. It has a turnover of 300 million Euros and its daily production has gone from 5,500 pallets to 10,000 a day, before investing in automation with an ELETTRIC80 and BEMA’s partnership, reaching production peaks of 600 pallets an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


On 21 October 2013, an automated warehouse utilizing LGV technology (Laser Guided Vehicles) was installed in the Pedrignano facility by Barilla, the Group’s historic headquarters on the outskirts of Parma. With an area of 40,000 square meters, 80,000 pallets, 120 trucks loaded every day and 54 carts with Italian LGV, Laser Guided Vehicles, technology, the new Barilla warehouse is an example of excellence in the sector of logistics at the world level.  The structure allows a Barilla to improve the service it offers to its clients, specifically, to the large organized shopping chains, and thus to be more competitive in its own reference market. The icing on the cake for this structure is the LGV technology applied to the carts used to move and store the goods, and the software for supervision of the installation. Produced by Elettric80, the carts move without the need of wires or tracks, using sophisticated software that identifies the orders, locates the position of the pallet to be stored or withdrawn in real time, and interacts with the carts by means of a network in radiofrequency. The structure which required an investment of almost 15 million euros – is also a model of energy and environmental efficiency: it eliminates about 3000 trips a year to outside warehouses, thereby lowering CO2 emissions, as well as cutting 40% of the lighting costs and 20% of heating costs.



ELETTRIC80, founded in the '80s, under the chairmanship of Enrico Grassi and the direction of Vittorio Cavirani, has become a leading multinational in the field of integrated industrial automation systems, particularly in the food, beverage and tissue sectors. During these years, the company has implemented Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), robot palletizing system and high density storage, managed by the software Smart Decision Maker.

In 1992 BEMA was organized under the chairmanship of Enrico Grassi, today joined by the direction of Valeria Prampolini and Antonio Grassi. Thanks to its ability to deliver integrated solutions in synergy with ELETTRIC80, BEMA has become an internationally renowned company by investing heavily in research and development of tailored solutions that meet unique customer needs.  BEMA introduced robotics, combined with 1000mm film reel, revolutionizing the concept of wrapping systems with the stretch film. Additional significant developments include a robotic system for pallet inspection & control, robotic palletizing and depalletising systems, and picking and repacking solutions. In conjunction with ELETTRIC80, BEMA has founded BEMA Lab, a workshop dedicated to developing, exchanging and sharing experiences between different industry players.

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