Top Management of BEMA S.r.l. is aware that, to achieve the business objectives, the environmental protection cannot be overlooked, including prevention of pollution, especially in the current socio-economic context; therefore, it has established an environmental policy, suitable and consistent with the strategic objective.

The management system of BEMA S.r.l. has been approved by Lloyd’s Register to the following standards: ISO 14001:2015. The scope of this approval is applicable to: Design, manufacturing, installation and service for robotized wrapping machines and robotized systems for palletizing and pallet control.

For this purpose, BEMA S.r.l. undertakes continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance, adopting the following principles:

  • →  Fulfilment of its compliance obligations, ensuring full compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements related to its environmental aspects, applicable to its product and services;
  • →  Promoting among its employees at all levels a sense of environmental responsibility and obtaining their active and collaborative involvement;
  • →  Constantly improving its processes in terms to the protection of environment, including prevention of pollution, adopting, whenever possible, the environment-friendly technologies available;
  • →  Through innovation and collaboration with customers and suppliers, improving the environmental performance of products, in a life-cycle perspective; minimizing the energy consumption and reducing the use of plastic materials;
  • →  Determining the environmental requirements for the procurement of products and services and communicating the relevant environmental requirements to external providers, including contractors;
  • →  Establishing, reviewing and implementing objectives to fulfil the compliance obligations and continual improvement of environmental performance.

BEMA S.r.l. is committed to providing the resources needed for establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

The Environmental Policy is communicated within BEMA S.r.l. and is available to interested parties on BEMA S.r.l.’s website.